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Practicing core skills

We offer practice sessions for individuals that have attended either the C&C or the BAP trainings.

1. Simulated Patients with actor

These copyrighted sessions with a group size of up to 6 individuals are two hours in length and are facilitated by health care professionals who are the only individuals  in North America trained to deliver this unique experience. During the  session, participants will:

  • Review material learned in the C&C training
  • Practice C&C skills by working with an actor who will simulate patients while our trained facilitators will provide you feedback on ways to improve skills

2. Brief Action Planning Skill Coaching

This teleconference based practice session is mandatory for individuals who have taken a Brief Action Planning training. In 30-45 minutes, past participants will practice BAP skills that were learned. The session is facilitated by two trained health care professionals and the group size is up to 6 individuals.


Practice Skills Programs

No Upcoming Practice Skills Programs

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