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Choose Health supports delivery of a variety of programs for community members living with long term health conditions as well as health care providers living or accessing services in the Ontario Health – Toronto region.

Programs for Community Members

We offer evidence-based programs in a wide range of languages and capabilities. We have an active pool of 88 trained facilitators who will bring their skills and passion to help empower your community members living with long term health conditions.

Pre-COVID, programs took place in familiar settings where individuals are used to congregating, e.g., faith-based organizations, residence buildings, libraries, community-based organizations, community health centres, neighbourhood centres, outpatient programs in hospitals, family health teams etc.

In light of COVID-19 and the equity seeking clients we serve, all programs are being offered virtually.

Programs for Health Care Providers

We offer programs for health care providers to help them build better rapport and use constructive tools that will facilitate patient healthy behaviour change.

In order to promote maximum learning and utility of these programs, we work with organizations and academic programs to train groups of clinicians or health care providers working in the same team, discipline, and/or organization.