Brief Action Planning Training

What is the Brief Action Planning?

Brief Action Planning (BAP) is an evidence-based, efficient, and effective training that helps health care providers support management as well as behavior change that enables patient self-efficacy. BAP focuses on client-centered goal-setting and gives health care providers ways to involve patients in decision-making that emphasizes the value of problem-solving, goal setting, creating goal-directed behaviour, and following up on these goals with patients in future visits.

BAP makes efficient use of health care providers’ time and can be used as part of any routine client interaction with the opportunity to use it over multiple visits.

What happens in the training?

BAP includes a series of four webinar sessions. Each webinar session is 1.5 hours in length. Participants must attend all 4 sessions to complete their training.

A group of 8-10 health care providers working in a community setting attend the virtual training for 4 consecutive weeks, at the same day and time each week to learn motivational interviewing-based skills that can help them build rapport as well as engage their clients in a conversation about healthy behaviour change.

Health care providers learn skills that will help them:

  • Foster a collaborative relationship between clients and their health care provider
  • Use the techniques for any chronic health condition
  • Reinforce language taught in the peer led Stanford program

Participants will be provided with:

  • A BAP Workbook

How is this training delivered virtually?

The Brief Action Planning Webinar will be delivered via the Zoom Meeting platform.

Participants will require access to an electronic device (a computer, smartphone or tablet) and internet connection to join the training.

Who can attend this training?

Health promoters and front line health workers providing healthly behaviour change support to clients living in the Ontario Health – Toronto region.

Who leads the training?

BAP is led by two trained facilitators who were screened and selected to attend a four day training. They are part of an active community of practice that meets regularly.

Who developed the training?

The Centre for Collaboration, Communication, Motivation, and Innovation developed this evidence-informed training and continue to update it periodically.

Brief Action Planning Programs

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