Meeting with Doctors and Nurses

Healthcare Providers

For health care providers living or working in the TC LHIN region, we offer FREE evidence-informed communication and motivational interviewing based trainings and practice sessions.


We are a regional service led by South Riverdale Community Health Centre. We offer our city-wide group-based capacity building training in partnership with key healthcare institutions within the Toronto Central LHIN region.


We offer two key training for health care providers. These programs help healthcare providers learn motivational interviewing-based skills to support self-management in patients. All programs are supported by funding from the Toronto Central LHIN. These include:

  1. Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behaviour, a program designed and licensed by the Institute for Health Care communication
  2. Brief Action Planning, a program designed by the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation, and Innovation

In addition to these courses, we can offer learning opportunities where participants that have attended core programming can practice the skills and reinforce the learning from the session they have attended.

  1. Copy-righted Skill-building session for C&C graduates
  2. Phone based practice sessions for BAP graduates

Brief Action Planning

This evidence-based training is designed to help health care providers support management as well as behavior change that enables patient self-efficacy.

Choices and Changes

This evidence-based training offers health care providers with an opportunity to explore their own beliefs about the behaviour change process and to test out these beliefs against the current evidence-based best practice.

Practicing Skills

We offer practice sessions for individuals that have attended either the C&C or the BAP trainings. 1. Simulated Patients with actor These copyrighted sessions with a group size of up to 6 individuals are two hours in length and are facilitated by health care professionals who are the only individuals ┬áin North America trained to […]