Chronic Disease Program

NOW OFFERING: Virtual Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

What is the “Virtual Chronic Disease Self-Management Program”?

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer our in-person Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop. We are excited to offer the workshop in a virtual format that you can join from your home via web and/or teleconference.

The Virtual workshop is 6 weeks long with 1 hour session every week at the same day and time. Two peer facilitators will lead this workshop, where 4 participants will engage in interactive learning sessions and learn skills to self-manage their chronic health symptoms.

What is the Chronic Disease Management Program?

The Chronic Disease Management Program is one of the services available for individuals living with any long term health conditions. Designed to take place over 6  weeks, the content helps individuals living with long term health conditions learn skills that can help them better manage their symptoms as well as their daily lives.

What happens in the program?

The same 10 to 16 participants meet on a weekly basis for 2.5 hours at the same day, time, and location. In an interactive environment that is facilitated by two trained individuals, participants discuss topics such as:

  • Setting manageable goals
  • Making decisions to support life with long term illness
  • Planning and problem solving to manage symptoms and changes in life
  • Pain and fatigue management
  • Communication skills to support management of long term illness
  • Principles of healthy eating
  • Starting and maintaining physical activity
  • Managing stress
  • Managing medications
  • Techniques for relaxation and better breathing

Participants take on an active role in the program. An example of a weekly activity is the use of a goal setting tool that  participants learn about, called Action Plan. Participants make Action Plans each week and discuss them during the course.

Who can attend?

Individuals over the age  of 18 who are living with any long term health condition as well as their caregivers can attend this program. The program is highly interactive and participants should feel comfortable communicating and learning from others in a group setting.

Who leads the program?

The course is led by two individuals who also live with  long term health conditions. Our peer facilitators attend a four day training and are part of an active community of practice.

In what languages is this program offered?

In addition to English and French, we offer the chronic disease  program in Cantonese and Tagalog. We are also exploring opportunities to offer this program in Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Mandarin, Tamil, and Vietnamese.

Who developed the program?

The Chronic Disease Management Program was developed at Stanford University and is licensed by the Self-Management Resource Centre. It follows a standardized format that has been proven to help people learn to better manage symptoms. It is considered to be a best practice program in chronic disease self-management and has been implemented globally to empower people living with long term health conditions.

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