Treating Patients with C.A.R.E.

What is Treating Patients with C.A.R.E?

Treating Patients with C.A.R.E is a program designed by the Institute for Health Care Communication that provides a conceptual model and specific techniques that guide all staff members – receptionists, nurses, medical assistants, business office clerks, maintenance workers (anyone who comes in contact with patients) – to communicate in ways that will enhance satisfaction and encourage patient partnership.

What happens in the training?

A group of 12 to 18 interdisciplinary practitioners from any health care institution meet for a 5 hour training to learn motivational interviewing-based communication skills that can help them build rapport as well as engage any clients/patients involving techniques taught in this four-point customer service model: Connect, Appreciate, Respond, and Empower (C.A.R.E.)

  • Connect with patients
  • Appreciate the patient’s situation
  • Respond to what the patient needs
  • Empower the patient to problem-solve with you

Participants take on an active role in the program’s activities by reflecting on their day-to-day work and working with other participants to practice these skills in small groups.

Who leads the training?

C.A.R.E. is led by two trained facilitators who were screened and selected to attend a comprehensive training. These individuals are practicing clinicians working in institutions across Toronto. They are part of an active community of practice that meets regularly and have been instrumental in the roll out of this program by SRCHC.

Who developed the program?

The Institute for Health Care Communication developed this evidence-based program and continues to update it periodically to ensure it can help inform health care workers’ practical learning and practice to support healthy behaviour change in clients.


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